NG LITEF utilizes the highest standards of quality and innovative production technologies and development methods in order to secure current and future success in international competition. Our employees are our greatest potential and guarantee for the management of our challenges. They are driving the successful future development of our business. True to the motto:

"Dependent on People and Technology"

Our expert technology services range from development and manufacturing to system integration and installation support to user training and logistic support throughout the life of a product.

Our complete range of services is located "under one roof” in Freiburg, Germany. This leads to a close intermeshing between the areas of development, distribution, production, administration, program management, and customer service allowing teamwork that is cross-functional, quick, and easily accessible. This enables fast, efficient operation and promptly ensured results.

Utilizing the most modern methods and tools our employees can actively assist in the achievement of objectives, quality improvement measures, and the ensuring of our standards for the highest product technology.

Our success is dependent on the retention and development of the potential of qualified and motivated employees. We provide qualified new recruits with an extensive training program. Trainees will find suitable challenges for their entry into professional practice. In line with company objectives, all employees are supported through intensive internal and external training and education.

We ensure our quality standards through in-house training such as product training, language courses, computer training, knowledge management, etc., or external training such as support for advanced professional training measures in the area of management, technology, leadership, doctoral training, and trainee programs.

Career paths from trainee to department manager or from graduates to project leaders are not uncommon for us.