Community Involvement

Social issues and community involvement are part of our company values.

We are conscious of our responsibility as an employer to be actively involved in regional and national community projects.

We support a local environmental policy, local schools and universities, and promote health and sporting activities of our employees.

The following is an overview of our major projects:

  • AfB
    e have a cooperation with the non-profit organization "AfB: Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung gGmbH" (Work for People with Disabilities). The AfB is Germany's first non-profit IT systems retailer. NG LITEF donates PCs, monitors, and other IT hardware to the AfB. AfB offers job placements as well as the reintegration of disabled people into working life.

  • Job Application Training
    We regularly conduct job application training in cooperation with schools.

  • Pupils Engineering Academy
    NG LITEF supports the national program "Schüler-Ingenieur-Akademie" (Pupils Engineering Academy), to promote their motto "Inspire a career in Engineering". This initiative intends to generate interest among upper Gymnasium level pupils (grades 11 - 13), encouraging and better preparing them to study engineering. A series of events has been organized, of which NG LITEF is hosting the project "Experiments and statistics - what role does coincidence play?". This project is demonstrated with a fictious example and realized with practical experiments under the guidance of NG LITEF engineers.

  • Promoting Interest in STEM Areas
    True to the motto "Discovers of today are the inventors of tomorrow” NG LITEF actively encourages the youth. During  Science Days our student trainees regularly present interesting projects. We assist with career orientation through our financial support of Jugend forscht (youth research) and our active participation. NG LITEF encourages girls and technology through participation in Girls' Day.

  • Cooperation between Science and Economy
    Knowledge and innovation can be developed and strengthened through numerous collaborations with institutes and universities as well as in cooperation’s in research projects, joint projects, and business clusters. NG LITEF is active in the Microsystems technology economic clusters. The exchange of information concerning current technology trends and developments in the science sector serves to secure jobs and factory locations and create growth.

  • Coronary Sport Groups
    NG LITEF has assumed the bulk of the costs for coronary sport groups open to both employees and external participants for more than 20 years.  The group meets weekly under the guidance of a qualified sports teacher for specific prevention training such as cardio-vascular illnesses.

  • "Umweltfreundlich zum Betrieb" (Ecologically Friendly to the Workplace)
    The "Öko-Verkehrssiegel" (Eco-Transportation seal) is awarded by the city of Freiburg to companies who practice an environmentally friendly transportation program. NG LITEF received the Eco-Transportation seal again in 2010 for the implementation of various measures to promote the use of bicycle and public transportation and to support car sharing.