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The traditional areas of specialization for Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH (NG LITEF) include inertial sensors, inertial reference and navigation systems, as well as computers.

NG LITEF products are used worldwide in a wide range of applications e. g.

- civil aviation

- military aviation

- military land vehicles

- naval applications

- industrial applications

Our service range incorporates component development and manufacturing including routine maintenance, system integration and installation support along with user training and logistical supervision over the entire lifecycle of a product.

Our Customer Service offers service packages adapted to individual customer requirements.

NG LITEF maintains a leading position in the inertial reference and navigation systems market segment through intensive research and development.

The sensor technology ranges from classic mechanical gyros and accelerometers to fiber optic gyros to micro-mechanical gyros and accelerometers.  All key components such as integrated optic assemblies, micro-mechanical sensors, ASICs, and software are developed and produced in Freiburg Germany.

The highest quality standards, advanced product technologies, and development methods are utilized at NG LITEF to provide competitive international success today and in the future.  In line with company objectives, all employees are supported through intensive internal and external training and education. Modern in-house company training for state approved and recognized occupations that require formal training as well as development and entry programs for graduates ensures fulfillment of  the requirement for qualified employees along with technical and economic advancement.