FCDC - Flight Control Data Concentrator

The FCDC is a highly reliable airborne Computer of 2 MCU size, designed according to ARINC-600-6.  The Computer is suitable for in-flight data monitoring and data exchange. It gathers data through a net of ARINC 429 channels and a wide range of discrete and analogue signals. The unit is rack-and-panel mounted and connects to the aircraft with a size 2 standard ARINC-600-6 connector.

The prime application of the FCDC is for the Airbus A-320 single aisle family of aircraft, where it is part of the Electrical Flight Control System (EFCS) in a dual redundant installation.

The FCDC functions are

- Continuous gathering of the available health and status information from other systems
- Monitoring, filtering and evaluation of the health and status data
- Provision of in-flight warnings
- Storage of detected failures for on-ground aircraft maintenance

Functional adaptations and aircraft type-specific modifications can be easily achieved without removal of the FCDC by means of an electronic memory device that is located in the On-Board Replaceable Module (OBRM).

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