LCR-350B - Attitude and Heading Reference System

This new product is an evolution from the very successful Fiber Optic Gyro based systems. The LCR-350B AHRS offers state of the art MEMS gyro and accelerometer technology from Northrop Grumman LITEF. This small and very reliable AHRS benefits from years of experience in strap down systems. Our exhaustive research and development has culminated in a product that delivers value to the operator due to light weight, reduced volume, outstanding HIRF robustness and unmatched performance, even in high dynamic flight profiles and under severe vibration and acoustic noise environments.

This performance is based on unlimited range and better accuracy over the entire operating spectrum, combined with precise outputs of basic attitude and heading data, body rates and body accelerations. The LCR-350B provides an attractive solution for a broad range of aircraft, from small to large sized airplanes and helicopters.

Long term heading reference is provided by an external Magnetometer. If available, the unit can also accept GNSS data for enhanced performance and to provide hybrid navigation data with high bandwidth and low noise. The signals are output to the cockpit system on an ARINC 429 high speed data bus. Free inertial heading or DG Mode is available to the pilots via cockpit selection.

The LCR-350B has been certified to ETSO/TSO C-201.

Datasheet LCR-350B

Pressrelease LCR-350B

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