IMU - Inertial Measurement Unit

EF2000-IMU is a quadruplex redundant Inertial Measurement Unit developed for the Flight Control System of the EuroFighter. It is the sole sensor measuring the motion of the aerodynamically unstable aircraft EF2000. It continuously provides motion data to the Flight Control Computer via  a STANAG 3838 interface. The Flight Control Computer implements the Control Laws and processes the IMU data in order to feed control data to the actuators. Thus the EF2000-IMU is part of the closed control loop stabilizing  the aircraft. This way of aircraft stabilization provides on the one hand extreme agility and on the other hand a carefree maneuvering ensuring the full aircraft capability up to the edge of flight envelope.

The following functions are implemented in the EF2000-IMU:

  • Continuous inertial measurement of angular rates and body accelerations
  • Autonomous redundancy management with utmost integrity (10^-7)
  • Calculation of aircraft attitudes and heading
  • Autonomous gyro compassing at start up
  • Calculation of air data in two different modes. In case of availability of air data from prime sensors the EF2000-IMU filters these data. In case of non-availability the EF2000-IMU propagates the air data based on inertial sensor data.
  • Continuous self testing of all functions with indication to the Flight Control Computer
  • Designed for military environmental conditions. Mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic and nuclear robustness of highest level.
  • Diagnosis of faulty module
  • Storage of operational and of diagnose data
  • Modular mechanical  design with independent access to all modules

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