LISS - Seat Sequencer

The Seat Sequencer is a compact, triple redundant system for control of the escape  sequence of an ejection seat. It has been especially developed for Martin-Baker Aircraft Ltd. for use in the MK16A ejection seat of the Typhoon fighter.

As soon as the pilot pulls the escape mechanism thermal batteries are activated powering up the Seat Sequencer. Having left the cockpit the sequencer starts monitoring the current airspeed using accelerometers and pitot sensors as well as barometric altitude using absolute pressure sensors. Depending on these values a variable escape sequence is initiated during which two parachutes of different size can be opened before the pilot finally is separated from the seat.

The data from all 12 sensors is being computed in three independent CPUs and evaluated by a complex software and hardware 2-of-3-voting mechanism which leads to a series of current pulses that activate pyrotechnical squibs connected to the various actors in the seat through a complex air pressure system. The computed data is stored in E2PROMS, so it is possible to perform an analyses after an ejection.

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