MC - Main Computer

The Main Computer (MC) is part of the TORNADO Avionic System.

The Main Computer is the central computing device of the Avionic System and responsible

- to control the cockpit displays (TV-Tabs, HUD, etc.

- to perform navigational computing

- to  perform weapon control

- to control the data transfer between the TORNADO Avionic System LRUs

The MC has a very flexible architecture and can therefore be equipped with different CPU- and Interface modules to support  future aircraft specific requirements.

The MC is available in three operational variants:

- Upgraded Main Computer (UMC) used in the UK GR4 and in the RSAF TORNADOs
- Enhanced Main Computer (EnMC-P) used in the IAF TORNADOs
- Enhanced Main Computer with MIL-Bus interface (EnMC-P2) used in GAF TORNADOs 

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