LCI-100 / ISA-100 - Fiber Optic Inertial Measurement Unit

With the LCI-100 and the ISA-100 NG LITEF provides a flexible Inertial Measurement Unit / Inertial Sensor Assembly for a wide range of applications with high performance requirements.

LCI-100 and ISA-100 consist of a triad with three FOGs, one MEMS-accelerometer triad and a processor module. Both units have been matured in navigation and attitude and heading reference systems.

LCI-100 and ISA-100 provide data fully compensated for temperature.

Typical applications are platform and antenna stabilizations, navigation systems, photogrammetry, and geodesy.

Datasheet LCI-100

Datasheet LCI-100C

Datasheet ISA-100

Datasheet ISA-100C

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