LLN-GZ - Hybrid Land Navigator

The LLN-GZ implements a 6 degree-of-freedom INS/Navigation function. At the same time the unit offers an AHRS/attitude function providing inertial sensor data like rates and accelerations to Support optics and weapon stabilization.

Being compatible with respect to electrical and mounting interfaces with the well-known LLN-GY System, the user is free to choose on short notice between LLN-GZ and LLN-GY depending on the vehicle role or even mission.

The LLN-GZ offers RS-422, CAN-BUS, and Ethernet Interfaces for Integration with modern vetronics System architictures.

The LLN-GZ supports the standard NATO GPS receivers as well as a selection of commercial GPS receivers. The loosely coupled GPS solution is the best choice for military vehicles with an expected lifetime of more than 20 years, as it can be easily adapted to changes in GPS technology like the envisioned introduction of M-code GPS and Galileo. The INS component guarantees a reliable navigation solution with unmatched anti-jamming capabilities.

The LLN-GZ provides hybrid GPS/INS as the standard navigation mode, i. e. the optimum solution available in any given situation.

With the development of  sensors, algorithms, and system integration in NG LITEF hands, the LLN product line offers exceptional system integrity which both the crew and the network-enabled commander can depend on.

Datasheet LLN-GZ

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