LFK-100 - Marine FOG Gyrocompass and Vertical Reference System

The LFK-100 is based on the FOG Attitude and Heading Reference System (LCR-100) for the General Aviation and has been adapted to the specific requirements for naval applications.  The high quality fiberoptical gyroscopes allow for an autonomous and fast heading alignment at sea.

The LFK-100 measures ship's motion at high bandwidth / high speed and outputs the data at user selectable protocols on RS-422. Besides the primary sensed angular rates and acceleration in all 3 axes also Heading, Pitch, Roll, Velocities as well as the dynamic Heave are computed and transmitted. With coupling to the Ship's Log and/or a GPS Receiver, the LFK-100 also tracks Latitude/Longitude and can bridge even GPS outages.

Mission continuity is enhanced by providing two redundant power input lines, suitable for battery backup. An Installation Tray is available for easy onboard installation, at any mounting orientation where the respective mounting correction angles are transmitted to the LFK-100 (memorized there). Furthermore, LFK-100 converts translational motion data for a user selectable 'point of interest' by means of user selectable lever arms in all three axes.

The LFK-100 offers small size (volume = 3,6l ) and low weight ( < 3 kg) for applications as :

Surface Ships:
- Gyrocompass

- Backup-Navigation (Dead Reckoning Navigation)
- Antenna- or other Platform Stabilization

Unmanned Surface / Underwater Vehicles:
- Gyrocompass and Vertical Reference

- Vehicle Guidance and Navigation

Datasheet LFK-100

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