LFK-150 - Naval Navigator, Gyro compass Vertical Reference System

LFK-150 is a further development of our LLN family of Land Navigation Systems with special attention to naval applications. High performance Fiber Optical Gyro technology is combined with the robustness for military environments. LFK-150 offers the classic Gyrocompass and Navigation function and, due to its low noise inertial sensor data, is an excellent reference for accurate and high speed stabilization and sophisticated control loops.

Fast Alignment and simple operation are two fundamental features. Although the system can be operated fully autonomously, it can be coupled with an external velocity reference like ship's log or DVL, or supplied with velocity and position information from a GNSS receiver. The lever arm effects of the remotely installed references will be compensated. Equally, the output data can be calculated to any remote located point of interest.

LFK-150 is a true successor of our well recognized but no longer available digital LSR-85 systems.  Compatibility to LSR-85 covers the mechanical installation, electrical and data interfaces, connectors and protocols.

Typical (and non-exclusive) applications are

- Gyrocompass and Navigation System for smaller and mid-size vessels
Vertical Reference System for weapon and antenna stabilization on any ship
Backup Navigator for submarines
By means of a shock absorbing tray, the LFK-150 is well suited for mine hunting vessels

Datasheet LFK-150

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